What we do


our principle offer is facebook fan page management in local languages for all european markets. each facebook page content manager is a first language market native with english as a second language to excellent standards.


Mtracking PCM’s work to a brand bible which:

  • follows the brand promotional calendar
  • instigates local market news or event related opportunities
  • uses the correct brand and target market language set and values
  • removes off-brand, offensive, inflammatory comments or trademark abuse
  • encourages brand engagement through promoting ‘on-brand’ conversations
  • relates to customers for questions asked, general brand information and prize and competition management

Your brand bible will be created, presented, adapted and agreed after an initial meeting to understand your objectives. We will analyse your working parameter requirements for risk and development within social media. We will advise you on the opportunities for adaptation and regularly appraise performance. Your PCM will report monthly, bi monthly or quarterly depending on requirements.

Our task will be to build a vibrant and supportive community that will:

  • encourage non-fans to contribute
  • reward fans encouraging responses
  • build cross conversations and supportive ‘likes’ amongst community members
  • post comments that encourage response
  • offer great search engine optimised content ranking

Mtracking will work with all brand stakeholders to drive content in a timely and community building format.