Three options are available for your website, apps and databases. Dedicated server hosting provides direct control over your environment and security. Shared hosting creates your own managed space on a bigger performance server.

Cloud hosting runs your website on a cluster of interconnected servers with more servers that can be harnessed for their processing power at any time. Costs are thereby controlled so you only pay for what you need and when. By tapping into an effectively unlimited ‘cloud’ resource you can scale up, or down, as your needs vary.

Mtracking provides the management and support interface to companies like Amazon Cloud Computing and Rackspace. We makes their technologies accessible for brands and businesses. We ‘make it happen’ seamlessly and hassle free with full support and management so that you do not need to worry about setting up, running, security upgrades, back-ups or failures, 24/7.


Through our Intashop brand, we offer tour and event ticket solutions as well as ecommerce packages. We provide turnkey operations and total support and for on-line tickets sales, customer management, e-stores and all related services.

Intashop hosted shopping carts are used by powerful consumer brands across the world. Our ticketing solutions have been used for major festival sales for the past seven years with quarter of a million entries sold and customers scanned into events. Thousands of visitors book tours at client facilities each week. Our clients demand and we supply integrated solutions, maintenance, development and design skills which match brand and business needs.